Dianetics Seminar


Every Hubbard Dianetics Foundation offers an introductory seminar service for you to come in and learn more about the data given in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health under trained supervision.

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Our instructors will walk you through the key basics of the Dianetics Technology, getting you to study the most important points you need to get started with the Dianetics procedure right there and then.

Then, once you understand the basics, you will start auditing someone else on the Dianetics Procedure and receive auditing yourself.

The seminar agenda is as follows:

  • Arrival and registration.
  • Introduction lecture to Dianetics
  • Watch a selection of segments from the Dianetics DVD
  • Drilling on the key basics of Dianetics procedure
  • Auditing the person you are twinned up with
  • Receive auditing from the person you are twinned up with.

It is that simple.

Of course, you can bring a friend and you can audit each other if you wish.

Contact us via our online form for further information, or read more about the Hubbard Seminar.

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